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Kate Gilham - BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist

Kate has worked in the NHS since 2004 using cognitive behavioural techniques throughout Devon. She provides psychological therapy for anger issues, all anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue (ME), chronic pain, depression, school and work related stress, all following NICE recommended treatments.

Post Grad Dip (CBT), Post Grad Cert (Child & Adolescent Mental Health), BA, PGCE


CBT Therapist Devon Kate has worked in the NHS since 2004 using cognitive behavioural techniques. She provides psychological therapy for anger issues, all anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue (ME), chronic pain, depression, school and work related stress, all following NICE recommended treatments.

Kate is also a tutor at Exeter University teaching CBT for Long Term Conditions and Medically Unexplained Symptoms.



Working with Adults and Children

As well as working with adults, Kate has a keen interest in working with children and young people. Kate wants to find out how your current difficulties are affecting your school or work life and leisure time and work together to make changes that can help you feel better.



Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Post Graduate Certificate in Working with Children and Adolescents in Primary Mental Health

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist


What Kate specialises in
CBT Therapist Devon

Adult Mental Health Care

CBT Therapist Devon

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (excessive Worry)

CBT Therapist Devon


CBT Therapist Devon

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (e.g. checking, cleaning, hoarding)

CBT Therapist Devon

Anger issues

CBT Therapist Devon


CBT Therapist Devon


CBT Therapist Devon

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

CBT Therapist Devon

Child or Adolescent Mental Health Care

CBT Therapist Devon

Social anxiety (shyness)

CBT Therapist Devon

Chronic Fatigue (ME)

CBT Therapist Devon

Somatoform Disorders/Hypochondriasis

CBT Therapist Devon

Chronic Pain

CBT Therapist Devon

Specific phobia (e.g. blood, injection, vomit, heights)

CBT Therapist Devon


CBT Therapist Devon

Work related stress

CBT Therapist Devon

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

CBT Therapist Devon


CBT Therapist Devon

Suspicious / Paranoid Thinking

CBT Therapist Devon


CBT Therapist Devon Eating Difficulties    



Primary Client Groups
CBT Therapist Devon

Children age 12 and under

CBT Therapist Devon

Young People

CBT Therapist Devon Adults age 18+



Free initial telephone consultation for anyone who wishes to speak to her prior to booking an appointment.

£50.00 per session weekdays between 9.00am- 5.00pm.

£60.00 per session evenings and weekends.

Insurance companies and other organisations fee negotiated.

All charges are payable by cash or cheque on the day of your appointment.

If an appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice the session fee will still apply to cover costs

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"I had a few sessions with Kate, after admitting to myself that I needed help with my constant need of female attention and thinking that the grass is always greener. It had got to the point where I was losing my family and grip on my life. After seeing Kate, she taught me ways to deal with the negative, destructive feelings, helped me see life for what it is and how to prevent the self destruction in the future. Kate helps unlock thoughts you didn't know you had, and makes you realise things and look at things from different angles. If you are like me and reluctant to admit you need help, I would take the plunge and do it. It has saved me from losing everything and ending up sad and lonely. Thanks so much Kate. "

Sam (Male - 33)


"I have found CBT with Kate a great tool for helping me to step out of the box so to speak and see things in a new light. A light of which has made me realise that I am good enough and that I can achieve anything I want or choose to.

I feel I am a much stronger individual whom can take the highs and lows of life with a much better balanced view. "

India, 2 sessions of CBT


"Upon hearing about cognitive behaviour therapy, I must admit I was very apprehensive, but after just one session the improvement was dramatic!! My weakness is travelling and the thought of not being in control of things, especially the idea of being trapped in a car with no access to a toilet. Thanks to cognitive behaviour therapy I was able to gain an understanding of the thought process which was happening and why, and was able to realise that it is a common problem. Just understanding why the mind thinks like it does helped me considerably towards a steady improvement and conquering my fears. To anyone who suffers such fears I would highly recommend this kind of treatment as I found it such a relief to understand why I was thinking these thoughts and being so anxious."

Tim, 35
6 sessions of CBT


"I went to Kate at Southwest CBT with what turned out to be health anxiety, including acute fear of death and serious illness. Although I did not consider myself a serious case, it was affecting my family and work relationships and creating a vicious cycle of negativity to the point where death and serious illness felt almost a certainty.

Kate helped me understand my thought processes and identify ways of breaking the vicious cycle. I have experienced a marked improvement in my general well being, relationships and motivation. I also feel like I have the necessary information to maintain a balanced mental state of mind. "

3 sessions of CBT


"After 6 CBT sessions with Kate, my social anxiety has improved dramatically. CBT has been extremely effective for me as Kate talks you through a practical approach that really works. I can finally be myself after many years of fearful feelings and behaviour that limited my life. Now I have confidence, feel happier and have a coping strategy that enables me to be free from my social anxiety."



"I felt so sad when the doctor said there was nothing to be done to help my 11 year old son with his tics. Then I found Kate! She helped my son understand the fears he felt were irrational and she guided him through a step-by-step process to face them. Over the course of 6 weeks of CBT he became more confident and relaxed about himself and his life. Thus his tics almost completely disappeared. He is now a typical outgoing, confident boy who relishes any new challenge with excitement!

Thank you Kate. My son and I will be forever grateful and would recommend you and your help to anyone in need."



"Firstly I would like to thank you for the therapy that I received. I feel that it has really helped me going forward and given me some great techniques to use when needed. It is refreshing to know that I am not the only person who has experienced specific problems and I believed that the issues that I was experiencing were just issues that were individual to me but understanding and knowing others also go through the same things made me feel so much better. A great thing to remember is that there are always solutions and CBT is a great one!! ."



"Initially CBT and Kate’s therapy gave me a feeling of easiness and openness about which I could air my thoughts and feelings, which was therapeutic in getting to the heart of the problem. Over time we found that my natural thought patterns of concern and anxiety weren't necessarily based on any evidence - and that I was just perceiving a lot of negativity instead. We were also able to adopt some strategies to monitor and control my thoughts, which I’m continuing to use successfully today. I would see Kate again, without doubt."

Male (Body Dysmorphic Disorder)


"After a particularly tough period of time I found myself in a rut which I could have avoided had I known what I know now through CBT. I am confident that the skills Kate has helped me add to my toolbox will continue to aid me throughout the rest of my life.

I would recommend CBT to anybody who wants to make a change in their thought habits and more importantly I can vouch for Kate as a therapist for her professional approach which always had my best interests in mind - each session developed from the previous one to help deliver a steady ongoing improvement plan which worked better than any other mental health service I have experienced."

Male, 26 Years Old - 7 CBT Sessions


"For over 5 years I have been dealing with pornography addiction which has progressively caused anxiety, depression and serious problems in my family life. This taboo subject is becoming more common, though I found it difficult to find suitable help. I feel so lucky that I found Kate and discovered that CBT can dramatically improve the way you see and live your life. Kate helped me to tap into the deepest corners of my thoughts and had many effective techniques to help change my behaviour. The positive changes over the 2 months have been life changing."

Lee, 29


"Early in 2017 I had to spend time in intensive care, suffering with Sepsis. Post Sepsis syndrome has many features in common with Chronic Fatigue an area in which Kate specialises. I found her through the BABCP website, and she was very quick to respond to my enquiry. I chose her over other local practitioners. I had already read a self-help book and she took over from there.

Soon I was learning to avoid becoming over-tired and to pace myself. I was exhausting myself with too much driving and socialising, but soon reined it in. I am now better off than before I was ill and much better since I started CBT 10 weeks ago. I am steadily recovering my physical stamina and mood.

I have had to deal with UTIs, Prostatitis, Sepsis, Prostate cancer and now Lyme disease in the last 8 months, plus the side effects of 10 courses of antibiotics. Kate has given me the encouragement and skill to cope."


"After a lifetime of crippling social anxiety, I did not expect any spectacular results.  However, Kate gently guided me and showed me how to use strategies to challenge negative thoughts and beliefs and I was delighted that after only six sessions I felt a new, confident woman.  My life has changed thanks to Kate."

Female, age 71.


"I originally contacted Kate regarding a driving phobia. Within the first session Kate helped me to realise that the driving phobia was just a symptom of an underlying social anxiety issue. With Kate's support I was able to turn things around very quickly. In just a few sessions I tackled the anxiety issue and have increased in confidence. I am now driving for the first time in 7 years, but the driving is just a small part of the progress I have made. Thanks to Kate I have begun to build a more positive life for myself and I am excited about the future. Thank you Kate."

Female - 4 sessions of CBT


"We've discussed with our son and we feel, he (boy aged 14) feels able to live now without the fear of blood and this has changed his life in so many ways. He can go to classes again such as biology at school without the anxiety of thinking he may faint. Instead he now comes home proud he faced his fear and full of what he learnt.

He has now regained his self esteem and been on sleepovers with friends and watched films that before he could never do. As his mother, I have seen such a remarkable change and watched my son change from being a child living with fear to a boy taking on new challenges everyday and would recommend CBT unreservedly and thank Kate for her true professional approach at all times. It has been a fantastic process that I never really believed would work but it absolutely has. Thank you Kate!!"



"Kate helped my daughter (age 6) to understand how to gain control of her worries and has given us the tools to be able to help her now and in the future. Kate especially helped us find a way to encourage our daughter to talk about her worries. We really value Kate's support and would recommend her to anyone else in a similar situation."


"My CBT sessions with Kate have really helped me in overcoming my Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression. I am now able to think more rationally and positively about life. Before meeting Kate, I couldnt imagine a happy future for myself. Now I can't wait to see what the future holds. I would highly recomend CBT sessions with Kate, she made me feel so comfortable and at ease.

Lydia, 20 years old.

"CBT has really helped me address and subsequently challenge some of my unhelpful thinking patterns, negative beliefs and worry thoughts. I feel that I know and understand myself better now. I also feel I have the tools and strategies to deal with these if they arise again, in a way that will prevent them causing me low mood and anxiety and I feel confident in my ability to do so. 

I was initially really apprehensive about doing CBT but it has been really beneficial and Kate made the whole experience feel really easy. She was extremely friendly and supportive but also made sure that any discussion or activity was my decision and self directed. 

I now feel really optimistic about the future."

University student, 19 years old - 5 sessions of CBT

"CBT with Kate has greatly helped my 13 year old daughter who struggles with anxiety, particularly in relation to school and social situations. She has gained a lot of insight and understanding of the problem and has learned and developed new coping strategies and alternative ways of thinking. She is more confident now and feels more able to cope in a variety of situations. Her school attendance has increased and is a much happier individual, able to enjoy life. Kate is very warm and welcoming to work with, working at a pace and level suited to the individual and has been key to my daughters success."

Female, 41years.
"Kate has given me what I  need to help build my confidence and make me realise that I  am not a bad person."

Boy aged 12

"Kate has worked closely with our family to support our son through a very difficult time in his life. She has provided us with strategies and encouragement to help our son make changes to the way he thinks and to help him combat his anxiety and OCD. My only regret is that we didn’t see Kate sooner, as I am sure she could have prevented a lot of our son’s heartache. I would highly recommend her, as her relaxed natural style has made her very effective in enabling him to make the changes he needed to."

Mother aged 41

"I can't thank Kate enough for her help. I was really comfortable talking to her and the CBT sessions helped me break the cycle of continuous anxiety. OCD is extremely difficult to overcome, but I am now in control of my life again and my OCD does not control me."

Female, 22

"Kate helped me deal with a particularly complicated and frustrating social anxiety. Enabling me to see things in a totally new and rational way. She helped me to form a complete new mind-set regarding the problem areas. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Steve T. Male, 51
"CBT has helped me realise my thoughts and beliefs and how to think about them in a more rationale way as well  as helping me put into practice how to help myself in the future."

Stella, age 13

"For anyone needing CBT I highly recommend you contact Kate, she makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and she’s very easy to talk to."



"Following a bout of depression I felt it hard to do my job effectively. My employer was unsympathetic and my self confidence was really low. Kate helped me rebuild my confidence and taught me ways to deal with the problems I encountered. I now have a new job and feel ready for anything."

Male, age 54


"CBT has helped me to deal with my anger at school better and find solutions to make it better. It has helped me a lot."

Boy, age 13, 3 sessions of CBT

"From adolescence I have experienced periods of my life feeling very anxious and depressed. Previous counselling sessions had helped. However, having been through a very stressful period in my life, which included moving house to a new area, my anxiety levels went through the roof and I became very depressed.

The CBT therapy sessions provided by Kate has changed my life completely . Although I knew that it would help me through I didn't realise how much. I feel that my recovery is well on its way and am managing my stress much better than I ever did before. It has changed the way I think about myself and other people and how I deal with situations in my personal life and at work. The symptoms of depression have gone.

Thank you so much Kate"

Debbie, age 56

"On my first visit I was very down and couldn't see my way out of the rut I was in. Since seeing Kate I have been able to process what she has told me and can now see light at the end of the tunnel."

Margaret, 53.

"Have been suffering with anxiety for over 10 years but has got worse in the last 3 years to the point where I was excusing myself from events. Kate helped me understand the reasons for my condition and within 4 sessions I now believe I have the tools to help deal with my anxiety".

Andrew - 38years old


"I have suffered with a vomiting phobia for many years and tried many therapies to try to resolve my issues. Out of all the therapies I have tried, I think CBT has been the most effective in changing the ingrained beliefs I have held for so long. A lot of my fear is a fear of the unknown having not been sick for over 20 years and this therapy has been ideal in helping me to gain some perspective. Kate was very professional, knowledgeable and approachable, and she worked at a pace that I felt comfortable with throughout. Whilst I am still anxious at the idea of being sick for the first time in so long, I feel much more prepared now and my beliefs are finally in perspective".