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Depression Treatment, Devon
Characterised by multiple different symptoms, such as having a lack of energy, low self-esteem and disturbed sleep
patterns among other things, depression is a serious mental illness that needs to be treated with care and attention at
all times during your treatment.

Depression Treatment Devon

Specialising in depression treatment in Devon, Kate Gilham can help treat your depression through one to one therapy CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)sessions.

Advising on different actions you could take, as well as discussing different factors which may have caused your depression, Kate is able to help you overcome your current condition with a range of techniques and methods, all of which are different suited to meet your individual requirements.



Depression treatment via CBT techniques focuses on marrying realistic goals and then looking at ways of achieving these goals. Often we don't know what to do to overcome our depression but don't know how to do it. Kate can help with this.

If you are depressed or are feeling low in yourself, do not hesitate about getting in touch by calling Kate on 07762 714 881to organise a confidential meeting in your local Devon area.

Depression Treatment Devon


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