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CBT Therapist Devon

Contact Kate and Alex, CBT Therapists
Kate and Alex are here to help you understand the problem/s you have, map out goals and develop coping strategies
for the future. They help with various disorders including mood disorder, anxiety, personality, eating
disorders, substance misuse and psychotic disorders.

Devon CBT Centre
Devon cognitive behaviour therapy Kate Gilham
Devon Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
  Telephone. 07762 714 881
Email. kate@southwestcbt.co.uk
Somerset CBT Centre
CBT Therapist Somerset Alex Hughes
Somerset Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
  Telephone. 07926 972 198
Email. alex@southwestcbt.co.uk

Professional CBT Therapists working across Devon and Somerset
Honiton, Cullompton, Axminster, Chard, Taunton and Crewkerne